Opinions. You know, those ugly things that everyone has. They like to throw them at you in all directions. They can tear you down or build you up. When you’re caught in the crossfire of a quarrel, opinions can take a large tole on you, especially if you’re anything like me. I’m that girl who cares about what everyone thinks. I’m a people pleaser. I want people to like me and I want them to be happy with me. But when you’re faced with conviction, opinions can no longer matter. If God is telling you, “Hey, you need to do this”, then you need to do just that. If God says, “Reconcile with that person that hurt you or someone close to you. Forgive them even though they don’t even know you’re upset with them. Turn from your bad attitude. Forgive. Forget. Move on”, you DO IT. It’s that simple. Convictions were made to show us that we’re wrong and that we need to turn from whatever we’re doing that isn’t pleasing to God. I have a bad habit of taking peoples’ word. If someone close to me doesn’t like someone and they proceed to bad mouth them and say how bad they are or what they’ve done to make them not like that person, then I take on that opinion. I form an opinion about someone I don’t even know by what someone else says about them. How wrong is that?  I would hate it if that ever happened to me. If someone didn’t like me because of a lie or a one-sided story or a faulty opinion, I would be upset. So why have I been doing that? Why am I so easily swayed? I have to take these attitudes and take this faulty mind set and give it to God and say, “Take this and change it. Make me more like You.” And that is exactly what I’m going to do. The cycle ends today. 


Skeleton Bones and Keyboard Sounds

I am sitting here with my boyfriend as we work on final papers. I can’t work in complete silence so I’ve had music on and I decided to play John Mark McMillan because we both like him. As I sit here blogging and listening to the combination of John Mark and keyboard sounds, I am thankful. God has blessed me with such a sweetheart (excuse me as I get sappy).

I’ve been dating this guy for about two years and four months and I have grown more closer to God in these two years with him than I ever have without him. Even in other relationships, no one could compare to him. If I get out of line or become over-judgemental or negative, he corrects me. He sets me straights and he guides me. He loves me with all that he is. I honestly do not know how someone like him could love someone like me but I thank God for him. He doesn’t “complete” me because only God can complete me, but he does compliment me. He makes me better and he makes me want to be better because he deserves nothing but the best. I am thankful that we can be in the same room without talking and it be enough. Just each others’ presence is enough. No voices. Just music and keyboard clicking.

Ladies, I urge you to find a man who brings you closer to Christ. Find a man who leads you like he was created to. Find a man who loves you and stays with you despite your crazy mood swings and violent tendancies. Find someone who will read the Bible with you and pray with you on a daily basis. Make sure the foundation of your relationship is Jesus Christ. He must be centered. If your relationship is not Christ-centered, then I urge you to make it that way. I know from experience that a relationship cannot flourish if God is not at the center of it. I pray that my romantic ramblings are helpful. Thanks for reading. ♥

Confession: I’m A Control Freak

It’s confession time. It’s been a while since I’ve posted and honestly it’s because I’ve drifted away. Everyone gets offended by Christians because they think they believe themselves to be perfect. I can reassure all you who think this way that we are not at all perfect. Especially, me. I have a control problem. I want to be in control of everything whether it be myself, all my relationships, everything. This gets me in trouble. I get into the mindset that I have authority over myself and it’s times like these that God likes to get a hold of me and say, “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?!” Lately, I have been in a spiritual funk and it is because I have tried to take God’s rightful control over my life. I get caught up in myself and it’s always a struggle and a constant pattern. Conviction is a beautiful thing. I’ve noticed that my relationships with other people become out of balance when I am not right with God. I guess that is God’s way of saying that our relationship with Him is most important because when our Godly relationship is not where it should be then other relationships will begin to be hindered. So if you’ve read this, please say a little prayer for me.

Uganda Update

Another update from the Uganda mission trip! They have treated 120 patients in two and a half hours and are going back to the church for a prayer meeting later tonight. There is a real revival going on! There will be over 3000 people at the prayer meeting tonight! Please pray with me for many to receive Christ tonight!

Update on Uganda

As I stated in a previous post, my father and a handful of my church family left tuesday for a mission trip to uganda. The mission team that has gone to Uganda has made it safely. They landed and made it through customs without any hang ups. They were worried because this is a medical mission trip and they didn’t get clearance for their medicine. God answered so many prayers today. I am in awe. I can’t wait for my daddy to get home so I can hear all about what God has done since the last time he was there.

Just a Thought

Just a thought that came to mind: A lot of people think being a Christian is all about following rules but its not. When we accept Christ and turn from our sin, His desires become our desires. We desire to be blameless and more like Him;therefore, we try our best to not sin. However, we are human so we still sin but we should not be pursuing sin. Being a Christian doesn’t make me perfect.